Boundless Breath

About the Founder


Dr. Heaven A. Marculis

Dr. Heaven Marculis is the founder and licensed Doctor of Occupational Therapy at Boundless Breath. She offers a unique perspective in healthcare. With a psychology background and specialization in complementary and alternative medicines, Dr. Marculis is passionate about integrating natural therapies into the healing journey.

As a holistic occupational therapist, she quickly realized the gaps in conventional healthcare. Since starting Boundless Breath, Dr. Marculis has began a deeper exploration of native medicine including yogic practices, integrative nutrition, as well as plant and energy medicine. Dr. Marculis a Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher, provides intuitive healing and balances energies throughout the body and biofield. 

Dr. Marculis conducted a study exploring the impact Reiki has on chronic pain, quality of life and function with significant results. Her mission is to further research on alternative medicines and their use and benefits in the conventional healthcare system. Ultimately, Dr. Marculis plans to develop educational courses and workshops for healthcare professionals on the alternative evidence-based practices in order to cultivate a more comprehensive approach to treatment.


Boundless Breath is on a mission to re-established and  restore nature as our healing resource. 


Our vision is to bring awareness of the human body’s untapped healing potential and educate our community on the power of nature’s medicines. 


  • Nature is our nature.
  • Our body is wired to heal.
  • Self-discovery and self advocacy in health care.
  • Preventative care first and foremost.