Boundless Breath


What is Reiki? The Answers to all your questions

The practitioner acts as a channel, or vessel, to guide Reiki in order to release stagnant energy in the body or biofield caused by physical or emotional trauma (Rand, 2016). These stagnant energies can block the healthy flow of energy in the body’s organs, muscles, and cardiovascular system manifesting as pain, discomfort, or physical dysfunction (Rand, 2016). Reiki and the application of biofield energy can be scientifically explained by quantum physics.

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Hair Health

6 Simple Steps to Grow Your Hair

For many women, there are few things more alarming than losing your hair. For many, our hair becomes a large part of our identity, the way we express ourselves; it carries a feminine energy, and is an excellent accessory.

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Holistic OT

How Can you Benefit From Holistic OT?

The holistic approach to occupational therapy is becoming more mainstream. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) supports the use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs)

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